Stairwell is an artgame about growing old.

In 5 levels, it tells the story of a young man visiting his grandmother. A game with literary aspirations.

Play time

+- 2 minutes per level

+- 10 minutes in total


Play in-browser web version


Stairwell windows (704 downloads)

Project Description

Old people have always made me feel slightly uneasy. They know of a world that just isn’t there anymore, and I have the idea that after a certain point, you simply lose touch with the world as it is now, because that nonexisting world has grown so large.

I created this game for a competition with the theme ‘dubbel’. This is a Dutch word that can be interpreted as either ‘double’ or as ‘ambivalent’.

This game was somewhat unique in that I designed it (almost) completely upfront, taking one week. I created the game in the two weeks after that.

Originally published on 29-8-2012

Project Role

I designed, programmed and created all art assets.

The music was made by blazingdragon, the sound effects come from (see the credits)

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