Co-op ‘escape’ game

Puzzle Design / Game Design


I worked as a game/puzzle designer on We Were Here Together, the third entry in the co-op ‘escape room’ series.

We Were Here Together has 1500+ positive Steam ratings, (90% positivity) and had 42K concurrent viewers on Twitch when it came out.

Steam page:

My contribution

  • creating puzzles, from idea to releasable content
  • collaborating with a multidisciplinary team
  • setting up and running playtests, analyzing and summarizing results


In this project, I was responsible for creating puzzles from scratch and bringing them from idea to releasable content (ie. concepting, (paper) prototyping, whiteboxing, testing, adjusting based on tests, QA). I worked together with two other game designers and a team of artists and developers as well as several other disciplines. My biggest contribution was in conducting regular tests which allowed us to direct the team’s (design) efforts to those areas that could use that attention the most.

We Were Here Together (2019)
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