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About the site

This site is run by Niels de Jong. It serves as a personal portfolio, showcasing projects I’ve worked on, to give an overview of what I’m capable of.

Apart from that, it is an archive for all the games I’ve created, for easy reference and for fun. 🙂

Lastly, it features some tutorials and opinion pieces about game development.

About me

This is a picture of me:

Please check my LinkedIn page for an up-to-date profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/1nielsdejong/


You can never improve a thing by fighting the existing reality. Instead, create a new reality that renders the old one obsolete. – originally by R. Buckminster Fuller

Ever since childhood, games have fascinated me. The possibility to lose yourself in another world, with entirely different rules and standards, where you can be someone else, where you can learn and see new ways of approaching problems, that can be carried over to your own life. The possibility to become something more than you are, and the residue of that experience which you take with you.

Since then, I have seen many people relate to games on different levels. They use them for entertainment, to motivate themselves to do things they do not find as interesting, to teach and learn, to show others their perspective, to escape and to socialize.

I am sure that this is not an exhaustive list, however. I believe that games are and can be more than what I have summarized here. There are new possibilities within existing ways games can be meaningful, but there are areas that have yet to be discovered as well.

This is my goal. In every thing I create, I am looking for something meaningful for the user or player, the client and myself. I am looking for ways to make games and my games better than they are, because I believe that by doing this, I can make a difference for everyone.

It is an exciting and fascinating journey, and I hope that you will accompany me. I am open for all kinds of projects, in all kinds of team compositions, so please contact me to see if I can help you accomplish your goals.