EGA is an arcadey game in which you do two simple things: you collect stuff and you avoid stuff. Easy.

Play time

+- 2 minutes per try


Note: the online highscore list is no longer … online…

The local highscore list functions just fine 🙂

Play in-browser web version


EGA windows (946 downloads)

Project Description

EGA was created to fulfill an assignment for a game creation cursus.

I decided that I wanted to make a very very simple game. So I thought of the most basic things you could do in a game. However, an idea popped into mind that shaped the game as it is now: what if you do both of these basic, elemental game actions at the same time?

I used a game anatomy found in Jesse Schell’s ‘a Book of Lenses’ to split the aesthetical and technical side of the game.

Originally published 10-2-2013

Project Role

I designed, programmed and created all art and sound assets.

The music was made by Eagleguard.

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