Defire is a strategic game. Its gameplay teaches you how to have fire safe student apartments.



Defire early concepts (Dutch) (1614 downloads )



Create the time to try out several possible solutions

Guide the creative process

Quickly create a working product the company can potentially use

Result / Evaluation

Playable prototype in three weeks

When you have a specific target audience, you need to do thorough research before you come up with ideas. Afterwards, check these ideas to see if they match. This way you know for sure whether your initial assumptions about the target audience are correct or not, befóre you build anything based on those assumptions.

When having conversations, make sure all people involved have the same goal or you’ll get a bad feeling and a fighting-like atmosphere. This can be done by simply asking what the goal is.

You can do an astounding amount of work in three weeks, but there is relatively little time to leisurely explore all aspects or possible solutions.

Consolidated the approach of coming up with multiple ideas and prototyping them before choosing one.


In the “Sell it” project, we were tasked with creating a game that would raise awareness about fire safety in student apartments. This was a school assignment in combination with MonkeyBizniz.

Following an iterative process where we toyed with different ideas while keeping an eye on how we were going to convey the message, we finally created a game where players implicitly experience good and bad practices in fire safety. Example: They have to reach a fire exit before they are themselves consumed by fire, but someone placed some boxes in the way. This gives players the notion that cluttering the hallways is potentially dangerous. Other playercontrollable characters panick when confronted with fire, mimicking how people can react in case of a real fire.

Project Role

Niels de Jong – Designer, programmer

Sam Morris – Artist, trailer

Emmelie Hoberg – Artist

Ruben van der Laan (Art & Media Management) – Marketing & Manager

Lex Creemers (Art & Media Management) – Marketing & Manager

Project Duration

3 weeks

Originally published on 17-6-2015

Play time

10 minutes


Defire windows (1655 downloads )


Defire Project Documentation (1763 downloads )
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