Nostalgia: homemade version originally published in 2009.

Just another snake game, really. There are three different downloads.

  • Classic snake is simply snake, no strange things.
  • Snake + extra features is snake, but with some pickups that’ll change your speed, and there’s some annoying stuff in the way, so you’ll have to search for your ‘snake dots’
  • Upgradeable snake features upgrades instead of a snake that gets longer and longer.

Play time

Classic Snake: +- 4 minutes

Snake + extra features: +- 4 minutes

Upgradeable Snake: +-25 minutes


Snake Classic windows (1603 downloads) Classic Snake Plus windows (1436 downloads) Upgradeable Snake windows (1390 downloads)

Project Description

I remember spending a lot of time on the upgrade-able mode. Playing it now I mainly see a lot of flaws that prevent this from being enjoyable to play. Also, you get a feeling for the kind of ideas I had, because relatively little iteration has been done on everything that’s in the game.

It’s cool to have such an old project and be able to look back and compare to what I make nowadays.

Project Role

I designed, programmed and created all assets except all the sound assets.

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